I Left School in 1966 to become an Engineering Apprentice at Hoffman's in Chelmsford, (I've always had an interest in how things are made and enjoyed working in wood or metal).

A career change 2 years later allowed me to work in various architects' offices as a draughtsman, involved with the buildings such as the Old Bailey extension, together with various commercial and industrial buildings throughout England.

Leaving to join Basildon council to pursue studies to become an Architectural Technician, I worked on mainly housing schemes, and several sheltered housing developements and a sports track and pavilion.

Several years after qualifying to an MSAAT, I left to join the London Borough of Havering to start my studies to become a qualified architect, working on a swimming pool, several schools and a community hall. I finally graduated and became a member of the RIBA in 1988, carrying out all my studies during day-release courses.

After qualifying I moved to Chelmsford as an architect to work on various housing schemes including sheltered housing.After office changes and reorganizations held a position of principal surveyor controlling a team which maintained the boroughs public buildings.

During this time I also carried out some private commissions, which included conversion of timber and stone barns, private houses, together with alterations and extensions to numerous dwellings.

I have now formed my own architectual practice, "Langford Associates" in order that I become more involved with my interests in design and construction.